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Aradhana was simply exceptional!

Aradhana was simply exceptional. Her in-depth knowledge of the market, attention to detail, and commitment to client satisfaction set her apart. Aradhana guided me through every step, ensuring a seamless transaction. I appreciate her dedication and would gladly recommend her services to others.

Raja B

She was very accessible and took care of our needs!

It was great working with Aradhana . She was very accessible and took care of our needs. Would recommend strongly!

Rama Baratam

Get To Know Aradhana & Isa Bhandary

My name is Aradhana, also known as Aradna (for ease), a local realtor with Rod Aluisi Real Estate. 

Having lived in our own Central Valley for over 19 plus yrs and raising two successful girls here, I have deep roots in this area.

My approach to the real estate business is service-oriented and personalized to each client’s needs.

Isa is an experienced real estate professional who has established herself in the Los Angeles market.

She is now excited to bring her expertise back to her rapidly growing hometown in the Central Valley.

She learned to navigate the real estate market with remarkable prowess. 

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